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LinqiApp's Growth = Gamification + PLG

LinqiApp- speak English app

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Our mission is to develop the best mobile app that helps 3.5B people from 180 countries to improve their speaking skills and enhance their communication with global citizens of the world.

In a recent Gamification event in Türkiye, our Mind Behind Execution shared insights on how LinqiApp seamlessly integrates gamification into its Product-Led Growth (PLG) Strategy, propelling its accelerated expansion with key growth KPIs. 

LinqiApp Team works to make English speaking practice fun by using social features and peer-learning model in language education, sustainable by building a strong learning habit with gamification design and available for everyone around the world to “Speak English Freely”.

Highlights of October 2023

Growth KPIs

  • In a recent showcase at the GamFed Türkiye and Oniki-organized Gamification event, our Mind Behind Execution shared exciting insights into LinqiApp’s strategic initiatives and talked about how we smoothly integrated Gamification into our Product-Led Growth (PLG) strategy, which really helped our mobile app grow fast. Starting with important growth KPIs from LinqiApp’s early version, Aziz Ahmedov explained how these gamification strategies work. Watch full presentation here, read presentation notes here. Read more about Gamification event on ShiftDelete.
  • We have achieved a significant milestone, welcoming 20,000 users (we call them “Linqians”) across 180 countries .
  • In October, we witnessed a remarkable 65% increase in visits to our Play Store.
  • LinqiApp proudly holds the position of the #64 app in the Education category on Google Play Store in Uzbekistan.
  • LinqiApp currently ranks as the #85 app in the Education category on Google Play Store in Hong Kong.
  • LinqiApp has secured the impressive ranking of #16 in the Education category on the Apple App Store in Azerbaijan.
  • Subscriptions have been started by users from 17 countries so far.

Marketing Efforts

  • We announced the official launch of our LinqiApp Campus Community program in September and today we proudly started partnerships with more than 50 university clubs and communities throughout Turkey. If you are looking for sponsorship for your club events or eager to become a LinqiApp Campus Leader, we welcome you to submit your application here.
  • We enthusiastically participated in the Marketing Meetup Istanbul Event organized by Pazarlamasyon, engaging in insightful discussions with marketing industry professionals. The conversations spanned topics related to growth mindset, marketing strategies, and recent trends in the field.
  • Our ongoing dedication to sustaining a vibrant social media presence and crafting engaging content continues to yield positive results. We extend an invitation to join and follow our journey on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Product Development

  • LinqiApp Product Team is currently in the active development phase of new version aligned with our Product-Led Growth strategy, with the primary goal of elevating the overall user experience as a peer-to-peer language learning & practice mobile app.
  • Our Mind Behind Execution recently shared an insightful post on LinkedIn discussing the successful integration of gamification into LinqiApp and how this strategic approach significantly boosted our growth metrics. Read more here.
  • The results achieved with our successful gamification strategies are as follows:
    – User growth: 1200%
    – Activation: 60%
    – Retention: 25%
    – Av. Session Time: 10x

Network & Events

  • LinqiApp participated in the Pitch Challenge organized by Oxford and Boğaziçi University. Our Co-founder and Mind Behind Execution pitched to a distinguished jury panel including Nezvat Aydın (Angel Investor), Günce Önür (GP-Startup Wise Guys), Lale Can Gözübüyük (Regional Director – Plug and Play), Hatice Evren (Chief of Global Functions – Getir). We are proud to share that LinqiApp was nominated as one of the top three startups in the Pitch Challenge.
Oxfounders x Buyak Pitch Challenge, October 2023
  • We also participated in the Pitch Challenge organized by Geometry Development Ventures at İş Kuleleri in Istanbul, where we had the privilege of presenting LinqiApp to over 50 angel investors and venture capitalists from around Turkey.
  • Our Co-Founder, Aziz Ahmedov, had the honor of being a guest on the “Girişim and Teknoloji Gündemi” YouTube Live Program, hosted by İsa Uysal, CEO of Startup Teknoloji. He shared the vision of LinqiApp and provided insights into how LinqiApp is achieving global growth. Watch here.
  • We also successfully completed the Startup Universe Acceleration Program based in Greece. Throughout this program, our co-founders participated in sessions covering crucial topics such as market research, product development, marketing strategies, and effective pitching skills.
  • We successfully completed the 3-week Innogate Bootcamp, organized by ITU Teknokent and NBT, gaining valuable insights on global startup growth. Industry experts guided us through essential topics, providing tools to navigate grwoth in the global startup ecosystem. Read more here.
  • LinqiApp got acceptance as one of the 11 startups in Cohort 9 of the Lonca Incubation Program. We are looking forward to expand our network with briliant founders and investors and learn more about building innovation strategy of LinqiApp in global startup ecosystem. Read more here.
  • LinqiApp has successfully graduated from the Investment Acceleration Program at Başakşehir Living Lab. During this program, our co-founders received valuable sessions on fundraising, startup finance, and building relationships with investors and participated in the Demo Day, seizing the opportunity to pitch LinqiApp to a distinguished audience of angel investors and VC’s. Read more here.

Investment Opportunities

Large total addressable market

Over 3.5B people in the world are learning English and many of them are shifting to mobile apps

Offering effective solution

LinqiApp offers an effective solution and validated approach for English langauge leaners

Application of AI

LinqiAI, as a product will attract more B2C & B2B learners, provide lucrative opportunities for the market

Organic growth

Since initial release, the majority of our growth has been through organic channels due to our product-led growth strategies

We Are In Seed Investment Round!