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Release Notes

Release Notes (31 January 2024)

Linqians, we have  some seriously awesome updates to share with you. Get ready to level up your language-learning journey because we have been busy refining and redesigning some key features. Here’s the scoop:

  • Hallway Glow-Up: We have given it a top-notch redesign for a better learning experience. Now, tracking your progress is as delightful as finding a surprise in your mailbox.
  • Mission Redesign: Hold onto your hats because the Mission screens just got a serious upgrade! Now, tracking your gamified learning path is smoother than ever.

So, what are you waiting for? Update your app now to enjoy these fantastic improvements and take your language skills to new heights! Happy learning, and may your language adventures be as exciting as a rollercoaster ride.

Release Notes (16 November 2023)

Linqians, we are back with an update that’s hotter than a cup of coffee on a chilly morning. Let’s see what is new:

  • Translation Button: Ever had that moment in a conversation when you forget a word? Fear not! Voilà, the real-time translation feature is here! Now, during your calls with other Linqians, if a word slips your mind, just tap into the magic of real-time translation. It’s like having a language genie in your pocket – just without the lamp and wishes!
  • Question Quest: We have something awesome for you. Now, on the call screen, you can ask questions to the other Linqians during your chat. It’s like turning your language exchange into a cool game. So, ask away and let the language fun begin!

Don’t miss out on these linguistic wonders – update your app to the latest version available on your App Store. Your English language learning journey just got a whole lot more exciting. Keep chatting, asking, and translating – LinqiApp is your language playground!

Release Notes (4 August 2023)

Linqians, get ready for a wave-tastic update that’ll make your LinqiApp experience even more amazing! Here’s the exciting news:

  • Wave Magic: Say hello to the Wave feature – your secret superpower to socialize! Now, you can send a friendly wave to your offline favorite Linqians, just like a digital high-five. And guess what? Abracadabra! They’ll receive your friendly signal, pop into the Hallway and be ready to start a conversation with you. It’s like having a secret language signal that says, “Hey, let’s dive into the Hallway and let’s linqi together!”

That’s the wave-tastic update! So, what are you waiting for, Linqian? Update LinqiApp now and start waving like there’s no tomorrow! Let the Wave feature take your English practicing journey to new heights of excitement and connection. Let’s linqi altogether!

Release Notes (19 July 2023)

Linqians, hold on to your hats because we have some super cool updates that will make your LinqiApp experience even more awesome! Check out what’s new:

  • Mission Marvels: Calling all freemium users! We’ve got a surprise treat for you. You can now do the first 5 missions in Fresh Starter and start your language-learning adventure like never before. It’s like finding a treasure chest full of learning excitement!
  • Hallway Heroes: Ready to put on your superhero cape? We’ve just introduced the “Block & Report User” feature in the Hallway, so you can keep the Hallway a friendly space for everyone. It is time for only good vibes and friendly chats. Say goodbye to trolls and hello to positivity!  Plus, we have added a shiny new icon in Magic Match, making connections as magical as a unicorn’s gallop.
  • Paywall Perks: Attention Linqians, we have something special for you in our Premium subscription as well. Introducing the 1-month subscription Premium membership option that unlocks a galaxy of premium features of LinqiApp. Think of it as a golden ticket to language speaking practice greatness. Exclusive content, here we come!

That’s the scoop on our latest update, Linqians! We hope these additions make your English practice journey even more exciting and enjoyable. Don’t forget to update your app! Happy learning and may your speaking skills soar to new heights!

Release Notes (27 June 2023)

Linqians, we have been hard at work to bring you some awesome updates on LinqiApp. Get ready to level up your language game with these exciting additions. Here is what’s fresh and exciting:

  • Hyperspeed Connection: Fasten your seat belt, because the Hallway just got a turbo boost! We have injected some serious speed into the mix, making connections faster than a hyperactive hummingbird on roller skates. Say goodbye to tedious waiting and hello to instant connection! But that’s not all—connection failures have been reduced and international calls have received a stability upgrade. It’s time to cross borders with confidence and enjoy the experience of language exchange. 
  • Joker Power in Missions: We have activated and unlocked the legendary Joker Power mission mode. You can choose your mission category in Joker Power. It’s like having a secret language-learning weapon in your arsenal. Want to focus on vocabulary, grammar, maybe even pronunciation or culture? The choice is yours! So start your language-learning journey and dive into missions tailored to your needs. It’s time to embrace the Joker Power and face with language challenges like a super hero!
  • Bug-Hunting: We’ve fixed various bugs on LinqiApp to improve your language learning experience. With our bug-hunting team, we have polished and perfected LinqiApp, making it shinier than a disco ball at a language-learning party.

That’s all for this update, Linqians! We hope these improvements make your language-learning journey faster, smoother, and filled with boundless excitement. Keep exploring, chatting with people worldwide on LinqiApp! Remember, you’re on the path to English speaking fluency, and we are here to cheer you on every step of the way!

Release Notes (17 May 2023)

Linqians, we’ve been busy sprinkling some magic into LinqiApp to make your language-learning experience even more enchanting. Here’s what’s sparkling and new:

  • Profile Perks: We’ve given the Profile screen a little makeover. Now, your notifications have found a cozy spot right there, ready to shower you with important updates. No more hunting them down like a treasure hunt! And hold on tight, because we’ve also renamed the “Account” screen into the “Update Profile” screen. It’s like a VIP lounge for tweaking your info and making your profile shine!
  • Hallway Whispers: The Hallway just got a touch of mystery and allure. Imagine a semi-transparent card delicately resting on top of the mesmerizing “Magic Match” button. It’s like a secret message waiting to be unveiled! Get ready to step into a world of LinqiApp wonders.
  • Ranking Revelations: Brace yourselves for a leaderboard experience like no other! Now, when you switch tabs in the Ranking, you’ll witness the latest data unfolding before your eyes. But wait, there’s more! We’ve fine-tuned the scoring mechanism to make your achievements shine brighter than a supernova.
  • Fixes and More: We’ve been busy ironing out the kinks and sprinkling bug-be-gone powder all over the app. The microphone bug has been fixed. Sharing is caring, after all! We’ve polished up various other issues as well, so get ready for an awesome learning experience.

That’s all for now, Linqians! We hope these updates make your language-learning journey even more magical and memorable. Keep exploring, connecting, and boosting your English on LinqiApp!

Release Notes (27 April 2023)

We’re thrilled to announce the initial release of LinqiApp, your passport to English language mastery and global connections. We’ve packed LinqiApp with features that will make you go “Wow, I didn’t know learning English could be this much fun!” Here is what you can do on LinqiApp:

  • Hallway: Need a break from conjugating verbs? Well, wander down our virtual Hallway and join a vibrant community of English language learners from all corners of the globe. Chat, laugh, and maybe even exchange a few tongue twisters. The only language barrier here is having too much fun!
  • Mission: Learning a new language is a journey and we have a roadmap for you! With our gamified daily missions and challenges, you’ll be soaring through English proficiency like a linguistic superhero. Earn linqoins, unlock new mission modes, and level up faster than you can say, “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”
  • Profile: Drumroll, please! Get ready to have your English skills evaluated in real-time by your fellow language learners. Yes, you read that correctly. With LinqiApp, you can receive instant feedback and advice from other Linqians. It’s like having your very own squad of language coaches at your fingertips! So, put your skills to the test and watch as your profile blossoms into a linguistic masterpiece.

To see if you’re using the updated version you can look at the bottom of the Settings screen on LinqiApp or swing by your friendly neighborhood app store to check it out. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out updates from LinqiApp.

So, what are you waiting for? Download LinqiApp and join the language-learning extravaganza! Get ready to chat, conquer missions, and level up your skills like never before. Let’s linqi on this epic journey together and boost English language skills.