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LinqiApp is among Top 50 Innovative Startups

LinqiApp Big Bang Start-up Challenge

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Our mission is to develop the best mobile app that helps 3.5B people from 180 countries to improve their speaking skills and enhance their communication with global citizens of the world.

LinqiApp has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Innovative Startups in Turkey by ITU Çekirdek. This prestigious acknowledgment reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation, and excellence, testament to the dedication of our team and the impact LinqiApp continues to make in the Turkish startup ecosystem.

LinqiApp Team works to make English speaking practice fun by using social features and peer-learning model in language education, sustainable by building a strong learning habit with gamification design and available for everyone around the world to “Speak English Freely”.

Highlights of November 2023

LinqiApp is among the Top 50 Innovative Startups in Turkey, as recognized by ITU Çekirdek. This achievement has granted us the opportunity to participate in the Big Bang Startup Challenge on December 13-14, where we will present LinqiApp on stage to prominent figures in the Turkish startup ecosystem. Read more here.

 13 December – UNIQ HALL, Istanbul

Big Bang Presentation – 12:45-13:15 (Marketplace & Platforms Stage)

Celebration Day – 13:50-14:30 (Lounge Area)

During our Celebration Day mini-event:

We’ll share what LinqiApp has achieved in 2023 and our plans for 2024.

And then, we will announce our BIGGEST GOAL  “1,000,000,000 ?”

We kindly invite you to join us at Big Bang and Celebration Day!

Growth KPIs

  • Our founding team has been working on a comprehensive Product-Market Fit (PMF) plan, aiming to achieve it within 20 months from the initial launch of LinqiApp. This plan is strategically divided into three stages: Acquisition (6 months), Monetization (8 months), and Retention (6 months). Excitingly, we successfully completed the Acquisition stage by the end of October, surpassing our expectations. As of November, our teamhas intensively focused on the Monetization stage. This involves incorporating monetization features into our product development and executing targeted paid-marketing strategies as outlined in our Go-to-Market strategy.
  • LinqiApp has witnessed its highest download numbers primarily from Central Asian countries, with a significant majority coming from Uzbekistan. We are delighted to see such enthusiastic engagement from users in this region.
  • The leading top 3 countries in terms of UA was Uzbekistan, Türkiye, India, respectively.
  • In November, we witnessed 12% increase in visits to our App Store page.
  • LinqiApp proudly holds the position of the #64 app in the Education category on Google Play Store in Uzbekistan.
  • LinqiApp currently ranks as the #85 app in the Education category on Google Play Store in Hong Kong.
  • LinqiApp has secured the impressive ranking of #16 in the Education category on the Apple App Store in Azerbaijan.
  • Although we have started to boost monetization and membership subscriptions this month, we have got Premium Users (paid-users) from 17 countries so far.

Marketing Efforts

  • LinqiApp has officially launched its Brand Ambassador Program, and we are thrilled to welcome new Brand Ambassadors on board. Read more about BAP.
  • We  aslo announced the official launch of our LinqiApp Campus Community program in September and today we proudly started partnerships with more than 50 university clubs and communities throughout Turkey. If you are looking for sponsorship for your club events or eager to become a LinqiApp Campus Leader, we welcome you to submit your application here.
  • We keep posting the newest updates on LinqiApp. We invite you to join us and follow our journey on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Product Development

  • Our dedicated Product Team is currently immersed in the development process, actively working to upgrade LinqiApp from its MVP to Version 1. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we are going to share our product roadmap in Celebration Day on December 13 in UNIQ HALL at Big Bang Startup Challenge Event.


  • We have unlocked a new feature – Question Quest! During chats with other Linqians, users can now spice things up by asking questions directly on your screen. This feature gamifies the speaking practice experience for our users.


  • We have released a new feature – real-time translation. When talking with other Linqians, if users forget a word, they can use real-time translation. It helps make speaking practice smoother and better.


  • By introducing these new features, our goal is to improve user experience, boosting both user retention and the average session time on LinqiApp. Read our Release Notes for further infomation about latest updates.

Network & Events

  • Earlier this month, our co-founder Aziz Ahmedov the 21st International Conference organized by INGED, a global organization dedicated to improving English language education in Turkey. At the 21st International Conference, Aziz aimed to contribute to the professional development of TEFL professionals by exchanging ideas and practices in English language teaching and research. During the event, he established valuable connections with academicians and fellow English teachers who expressed interest in analyzing LinqiApp and potentially writing an academic paper about our innovative gamified language learning method, Mission-Based Learning (MBL).
  • Aziz Ahmedov, Our Mind Behind Execution, was an honored guest speaker at the Young Entrepreneur Meet-Up organized by Youth and Sport Ministry (Gençlik ve Spor Bakanlığı) at Sivas University and Düzce University. Delivering a keynote speech, he shared insights into his entrepreneurial story and shed light on LinqiApp’s vision and remarkable growth journey.
Startup Meetup
Young Entrepreneur Meetup at Düzce University, November 2023
  • Our Mind Behind Operation, Handan Karadeniz, has been selected to participate in “Kadının Adı Var!”—a social responsibility project initiated by Insider in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. This project aims to empower 100 female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, and Handan, as LinqiApp’s Co-Founder and Mind Behind Operation, is honored to be among the chosen participants. The program includes training sessions with the team and founders of Insider, one of the world’s largest SaaS companies.


  • Our Founding Team recently attended a Breakfast and Networking event organized by StartupTeknoloji, providing an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded founders and investors within the Turkish Startup ecosystem. This gathering facilitated meaningful discussions and valuable interactions to further enrich LinqiApp’s journey in the dynamic startup landscape.

Investment Opportunities

Large total addressable market

Over 3.5B people in the world are learning English and many of them are shifting to mobile apps

Offering effective solution

LinqiApp offers an effective solution and validated approach for English langauge leaners

Application of AI

LinqiAI, as a product will attract more B2C & B2B learners, provide lucrative opportunities for the market

Organic growth

Since initial release, the majority of our growth has been through organic channels due to our product-led growth strategies

We Are In Seed Investment Round!