LinqiApp was downloaded 100 001 times on App Stores

LinqiApp was downloaded 100 001 times on App Stores

Speak English Freely

Our mission is to develop the best mobile app that helps 3.5B people from 175 countries to improve their speaking skills and enhance their communication with global citizens of the world.

It has been a year since LinqiApp’s initial release. And today we are welcoming our 100 0001st Linqian (we call our user as Linqians) on LinqiApp. We are not just counting users; we are celebrating the passionate community that has grown around LinqiApp, each user bringing their unique experiences, perspectives, and dreams to the table. 

LinqiApp Team works to make English speaking practice fun and effective by using social features and peer-learning model in language education, sustainable by building a strong learning habit with its unique gamification design and available for everyone around the world to “Speak English Freely”.

Highlights of April 2024

Growth KPIs

  • It has been a year since LinqiApp’s initial release. And today we are welcoming our 100 0001st Linqian (we call our user as Linqians) on LinqiApp. As we celebrate this milestone, we are also reminded of the countless hours of hard work, dedication, and perseverance that brought us to this point. But we also know that this was just the beginning of our journey. Today, LinqiApp Team is more determined than ever to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence in pursuit of our mission. Our Mind Behind Execution, Aziz Ahmedov, has written a letter to 100 0001 Linqians ans shared 1 year journey with us. Read the letter here
  • We achieved over 18,000 downloads this month, with the majority coming from various countries across Europe and Southeast Asia.
  • We have successfully optimized our user acquisition and increased downloads by 125% + (compared to March 2024) on the App Store and have begun attracting paid subscribers from European countries.
  • In April, we increased the number of Paying Users by 85% compared to March. Moreover, our MRR grew by 2.5x.
  • In April, our Daily Active Users (DAU) reached 1200+ and Weekly Active Users (WAU) reached 5500+. Moreover, we got a remarkable 10x increase in our Power User KPI compared to the first week of January earlier this year.
  • Our North Star Metric, Weekly Chat Time, has increased by 10x this month (20.000 mins)  compared to the first week of January. Linqians are increasingly adopting and using LinqiApp each week, leading to higher retention and longer average session times.
  • Our Go-To-Market strategies for entering European countries have proven successful, resulting in favorable rankings among Education apps on both the App Store and Play Store in the last week of April across Europe.
LinqiApp entering to European countries

Marketing Efforts

  • LinqiApp’s social media presence has significantly expanded reaching an impressive 1.4+ million views across various social media channels.
  • We have been actively writing new blogs about language learning on our LinqiBlog website, with a focus on optimizing its SEO to enhance organic visibility on Google search and generate organic leads. Check them out here.
  • In April, we have been actively boosting our brand awareness across university campuses in Turkey. LinqiApp was a Product Sponsor for over 7 university communities and clubs, including the Sustainability Ideathon organized by one of our partners, Karşıyaka Kolektif.
  • Our Co-Founder, Aziz Ahmedov, made a presentation on Growth and Marketing at the Internet Week ’24 event at Muğla University. He shared valuable insights and experiences with fellow entrepreneurs.
  • We are thrilled to announce that we have got “50k+ Download” badge on the Play Store!


Product Development

  • We are thrilled to announce a new update aimed at enhancing LinqiApp experience by fixing bugs and making improvements. Our users’ feedback has been invaluable in identifying and resolving issues, and we are grateful for their continued support as we strive to provide them with the best app experience possible.
  • Our Product Team is currently working on completely innovative, super social, limitless learning version LinqiApp 2.0. This upcoming update will introduce a range of enhanced gamified features focused on enriching user interaction, boosting retention, and enhancing monetization opportunities. Stay tuned for more updates in May.

Network & Events

  • Our Co-Founders participated in the Future AI Summit ’24 event held at Bahcesehir University’s technology and entrepreneurship center, BAU Future Campus. We had the privilege of listening to recent technological advancements in the area of AI, connecting with investors, and pitching about LinqiApp.
  • Our Mind Behind Execution, Aziz Ahmedov, was invited by Hilmi Öğütçü to be among the 150 startup founders at the egirişim Summit 2024 event, one of the largest gatherings in the startup ecosystem.
  • ITU Çekirdek invited us to present LinqiApp at the Startup Hall at SDN Summit, one of the biggest Tech events in Istanbul organized by ShiftDelete.net.
  • We participated in the Demo Day event organized by Lonca Entrepreneurship Center as one of the successful startups in the 9th cohort.
  • Guided by a commitment to excellence, the founding team has actively sought mentorship, engaging in 9 mentorship sessions to cultivate a culture of greatness at LinqiApp. This thirst for learning remains insatiable, as LinqiApp remains open to further guidance that fuels its mission to build the best product in EdTech.

Investment Opportunities

Large total addressable market

Over 3.5B people in the world are learning English and many of them are shifting to mobile apps

Offering effective solution

LinqiApp offers an effective solution and validated approach for English langauge leaners

Application of AI

LinqiAI, as a product will attract more B2C & B2B learners, provide lucrative opportunities for the market

Organic growth

Since initial release, the majority of our growth has been through organic channels due to our product-led growth strategies

We Are In Seed Investment Round!