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LinqiApp 2023 Recap

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Speak English Freely

Our mission is to develop the best mobile app that helps 3.5B people from 180 countries to improve their speaking skills and enhance their communication with global citizens of the world.

The energy that fueled LinqiApp in its early months continued to surge throughout the entire year of 2023, exceeding our expectations far beyond. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to each and every individual who downloaded the app and experienced the joy of speaking English on LinqiApp. And a huge thanks to our entire team for continuously striving for excellence.

LinqiApp Team works to make English speaking practice fun by using social features and peer-learning model in language education, sustainable by building a strong learning habit with gamification design and available for everyone around the world to “Speak English Freely”.

Highlights of 2023

Numbers at LinqiApp

  • In 2023, LinqiApp had over 110,000 store visits, showing that more and more people are checking out our app. We are grateful for the support and excited to keep improving for our users in the future.
  • LinqiApp got almost 50,000 downloads from 180+ countries since initial release on April 27, 2023.
  • With a primary emphasis on Acquisition in our pursuit of Product-Market Fit, we have effectively onboarded an increasing number of users every month, resulting in an impressive activation rate of 44.27%.
  • 53 users began their premium subscription on LinqiApp, and 41 continued to renew on a regular basis. This shows a growing interest and commitment to our business model and premium features of the product.
  • Our Daily Active Users (DAU) consistently was 200+, while our Weekly Active Users (WAU) maintain an impressive average of over 1000 per month during 2023.
  • Linqians chatted 80.000+ minutes in 2023. Total Submitted Missions were above 12.000. Especially Linqians from Türkiye loved daily gamified Missions the most.
  • Here are the top 10 countries with the most LinqiApp users in 2023: India, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, United States, Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and the United Kingdom, respectively.
  • In 2023, our top three Active countries were Greece, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, with users spending an impressive average of 30+ minutes per day on LinqiApp. Overall, Linqians spent 10+ minutes on LinqiApp on average per day.
Mind Behind Execution Talks

Investment Opportunities

Large total addressable market

Over 3.5B people in the world are learning English and many of them are shifting to mobile apps

Offering effective solution

LinqiApp offers an effective solution and validated approach for English langauge leaners

Application of AI

LinqiAI, as a product will attract more B2C & B2B learners, provide lucrative opportunities for the market

Organic growth

Since initial release, the majority of our growth has been through organic channels due to our product-led growth strategies

We Are In Seed Investment Round!