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LinqiApp Brand Ambassador Program

Are you passionate about teaching English and inspiring language learners? Do you strive to make a significant impact on the global community of English language learners? We have an exciting opportunity for you!

LinqiApp, the revolutionary language learning app, is thrilled to announce the launch of our Global Ambassador Program exclusively for English teachers and content creators like you. Join us on this remarkable journey to empower English teaching worldwide!

Who We Are Seeking

Passion & Creativity

You have a genuine passion for learning and/or teaching English and apply a creative mindset in your approach.

Social Media Inluence

You have a significant social media following on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, allowing you to effectively promote LinqiApp and its benefits.

Content Creation

You have experience in creating high-quality, fun and engaging content, including videos, posts, which engages your audience and learners.

Program Benefits

1. Exciting Rewards and Incentives

You will receive special rewards, incentives, and discounts. Enjoy exclusive perks such as early access to new features, free give away coupon codes, and invitations to ambassador-only events, meet-ups and workshops.

2. Free LinqiApp Premium Membership

You will get a free one-year LinqiApp Premium membership, gaining access to advanced features, while connecting with learners worldwide to foster a diverse language enthusiast community cultural exchange.

3. Global Network and Community

You will join a global network of LinqiApp creators, collaborating and sharing ideas with like-minded English language teachers and content creators from different countries to revolutionize English learning.

4. Professional Growth and Development

You will unlock endless opportunities for professional growth! Benefit from exclusive workshops and webinars led by experienced educators. Expand your teaching repertoire, stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

How To Apply

Fill out your application

Tell us why you are a perfect fit for Brand Ambassador

Review of your application

We are looking for English teachers/content creators with passion, creativity and inspiration.

Announcement of the result

We will inform you of the result via email. Please remember to check your inbox regularly.

+ More From BAP

As a chosen Brand Ambassador, you will get exclusive benefits and advantages

"Brand Ambassador" badge on Social Media
Creative freedom in promoting the LinqiApp
Job experience at LinqiApp on your LinkedIn
Opportunity to enhance your personal brand
Reaching learners from different countries
Using LinqiApp Premium features for free
Online community meet-ups every month
Networking opportunities with experts

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the BAP

What is the LinqiApp Brand Ambassador Program?

The LinqiApp Brand Ambassador Program is an exciting and empowering initiative that invites passionate English teachers, language enthusiasts and content creators from around the world to join forces, amplify their impact, and embark on an exhilarating journey of promoting LinqiApp's innovative gamified language learning and practicing approach, while gaining access to a myriad of exclusive benefits such as captivating workshops, vibrant networking opportunities, collaborative projects, and the chance to foster meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who share the same zeal for revolutionizing language education and empowering learners worldwide.

How is LinqiApp different from other language learning apps?

LinqiApp stands out from other language learning apps with its unique features and approach. It offers peer-learning, allowing users to connect with fellow language learners globally 7/24, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. LinqiApp provides unlimited speaking practice to improve learners' pronunciation and fluency. Additionally, LinqiApp's gamified daily missions add a fun and motivating element to the learning process, rewarding users with Linqoins for their progress and keeping them engaged. This distinctive learning path makes LinqiApp a dynamic and effective mobile app for language learners seeking interactive and immersive language learning and practicing experiences.

How to apply to LinqiApp Brand Aambassador Program?

To apply and become a part of our BA program, simply complete the application form provided above. Just fill in the required information, including your contact details, social media profiles, and any relevant experience or qualifications. Take your time to provide accurate and detailed responses to any additional questions or prompts in the application form. Once you've submitted your application, our dedicated team will review your application. If you meet the criteria and requirements for our program, we will reach out to welcome you to our vibrant community of Brand Ambassadors. If you have any questions or need assistance along the way, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

What happens once I have been accepted into the program?

The LinqiApp Brand Ambassador Program is a content-for-membership exchange between LinqiApp and brand ambassador content creators with an interest in English language learning/teaching. But, in addition to earning 1 year free LinqiApp Premium membership access, you will also be able to offer coupon codes and discounts to your audience through your social media channels. Once you have been accepted into the program, your ambassadorshi will last for 1 year. In this time you must share your English learning/teaching tips, advice and LinqiApp insights with your audience. All LinqiApp Brand Ambassador content creators must share this on their socail media channels at least 2-3 times a month and show proof of their posts on our community for brand ambassadors.

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